Assembly Services


Specialized Assembly and Kitting Services

Bethany Fulfillment Warehouse offers full Kitting solutions whether your kit consists of 2 items or 20 items. BFW understands your needs and can provide unique kitting solutions based on your specifications. Whether you are looking to make a sample kit out of 3 sku’s or are simply looking to add instructional brochures or CD’s to your outbound package BFW will help you find the best solution.

Cost Effective Services Done Right

We know how important it is to effectively market your product – and that includes all of the marketing collateral that gets sent to your customers. Most warehousing and distribution companies will tell you that they can perform value added services without a problem…but beware! Unless they have the experience performing these services and the systems in place to make sure that they job gets done the right way every time, errors can be commonplace. We’ve been helping customers with their kitting projects for years, and we have the systems in place to make sure that each kit gets completed according to spec for every one of your customers. Because we’re experienced and have the systems in place to automate processes as needed, we can perform these value added functions for your company at a lower cost than the competition.